Yes, this is my page for shameless, self promotion.

by Judy Miller

Om Circle Snowflake Mandala

Om Circle Snowflake Mandala.
I created this mandala using a repeat of the Om symbol as the design element for the snowflake. I created a border with a repeat of the word “Om”, and used a lotus for its central focus element. Textural elements are computer manipulations from scanned artwork. Available at Zazzle: Archival quality Posters, mugs, and t-shirts.
Om Heart Mandala

Om Heart Mandala

The Om Heart Mandala was created a couple of years ago using a variety of elements using the Om symbol as the central element. Hearts were used to create the border element and lotus pattern. Within the mandala the word “om” is used as a design element. Although this is a computer generated image, the vivid colors used are fills of different textural elements scanned from some of my own pastel paintings. Available at Zazzle: Posters, mugs
Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising is a scanned print from a larger pastel titled Phoenix Rising from the Ashes. I created this piece several years ago. I love the texture of pastel. I love looking at it, and I love getting my hands in it. At the time, I felt – like the Phoenix – my creative “self” was beginning to re-emerge from the ashes of the many years of denying my creative spirit it’s voice. Available at Zazzle: mugs – more items may be added in the future.

"Yes We Can"

Spirit of America: "Yes We Can"

Spirit of America: “Yes We Can”. I created this background sometime during the 2000 election while taking some graphic design courses. They were never used for anything and almost forgotten about until the recent presidential campaign. Being inspired by Barack Obama’s slogan “Yes We Can” prompted me to combine my design with these positive words. There’s something magical about the spirit Americans have for our country and it’s great that we are beginning to truly feel it again.Available at Zazzle: T-shirts, mugs, Ked’s sneakers.

"Yes We Can" Grunge
American Spirit: “Yes We Can”

American Spirit: “Yes We Can” Grunge. This is my son’s favorite style. This was another design I worked on back in 2000. I think a lot of the kids I shared classes with inspired me with the grunge style. I wasn’t sure I liked it, but after reviewing it again, I find that I do. It speaks to a whole new generation of Americans who have shown their concern and pride in this country and it’s future. This one’s for them. Available at Zazzle: T-shirts, mugs.