Dare I say it? I turned 64 on my last birthday.  As I started to look at all the numbers and astrological placements surrounding the moment of my birth, I started to get a little excited.

For me, this past birthday began a new 9 year cycle.  That, in itself, was something that only comes around once every nine years .   .   . and I am happy I didn’t miss this one!

I’ve had a fascination with numerology and astrology for many, many years. The main difference between what happened at my birth until now is, at my age, there were many years I never had access to all the personal information about all this at my finger tips.  It is unfortunate that most young people today do not use their computers for personal growth.  Whenever my  nieces and nephews ask how to do something, I just say “google it”.  They have the world at their finger tips and don’t seem to understand how wonderful that is!

Some of the things I could have learned having the world at my finger tips growing up.  I never really knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. I think maybe I would learned more about what talents I naturally possess and discovered what I was meant to be.

So, on my 64th birthday . . . feeling the need to finally unpack all the gemstones and mineral specimens I’ve collected for many years, I began a whole new chapter of my life.

The last chapter did not end as well as I had once imagined it would.  Life as I knew it kicked me out and slammed the door. So now,  a new door has finally opened.

My last entry to this blog was made in 2013, just before my 60th birthday.  I had already left Florida and returned to safety and comfort of my childhood home and my family. I am so fortunate to still have both my parents who, as it turned out, really needed me.  While they are both in reasonably good health they do have conditions which having someone close by to keep watch is a blessing. My Daddy is 91 and my Mama is 84 . . . I live next door and have coffee with them most mornings.

The good news is, while I was dealing with a lot of 9 cycle endings . . . my mind was longing for and churning up my creative force. Though  I really wasn’t aware until now,  how this wonderful energy would erupt on my 64th birthday and lead me into this new beginning.

During the last nine cycle, especially the last 5 years, I had pretty much shut down. I existed. That’s about as much as I could muster. I had no self-confidence nor self esteem. The Universe was somewhat harsh . . . but did set into motion events that ultimately answered my prayers.  (And yes, I was a little pissed at the Universe at the time, LOL.)

Thankfully, that cycle is over and I have begun anew a new life for myself.